Laboratory of Audio Stuff

Our mission is to empower anyone and everyone who wants to tell a story:

Broadcasters, entertainment platforms, creative agencies, directors, showrunners, musicians, publishers, corporations, event agencies.

We are all immersed in the digital world. Not only images, but also audio is increasingly immersive. With our brand new Dolby Atmos studios, we have adapted our working tools to guarantee the highest standards in audio production, now and in the future.

Is a technology that can be easily adapted to any device – from headphones to a tablet, from a TV to a movie theater, from a sound bar to a large multichannel system. It is a single protocol that can be read by anyone, in stereo, ambisonic, binaural or surround. By taking advantage of Dolby Atmos technology, we could make much of the more or less traditional promotional AV content (e.g. YT and Tik Tok AV formats, radio or TV commercials) more immersive and enjoyable, similar to what has been done in the series and film industry*.

Our audio studios are welcoming, simple laboratories for the creation of “audio stuff” where anyone can immediately and easily check the results of our work in progress on any of your devices and applications.

We have equipped our studios with all the necessary and latest technologies to be able to welcome external professionals (sound engineers, voice talents, sound designers, composers or voice directors) from all over Italy and abroad.

Ours is a declaration of love for sound that will never have an end.