laboratory of the audio things

Our mission is to support anyone who wants to tell a story.
Broadcasters, entertainment platforms, creative agencies, directors, filmmakers, musicians, publishers, large and small companies, event agencies.

We are immersed in the digital world, in addition to images, audio is also increasingly immersive, and that is why, with these new rooms, we have simply adapted our work tools, to support the audio needs of the present and above all in the future.

is a technology that adapts to all devices, from earphones to tablets, from TV to cinema, from sound bar to large multi-channel system.
A single protocol that can be read by everyone, in stereo or ambisonic or in binaural or in surround.
Because even the short contents have increasingly spectacular images, and audio must follow this evolution in wonder.

We have thought of spaces to create audio, useful, and easy to use, welcoming, but simple, a laboratory to create “audio things” and immediately verify the result, from smartphone to laptop, from TV to cinema screen, from Spotify to Apple Music, from YouTube to TIkTok.

We have designed our rooms with all the technologies necessary to involve cinema professionals, sound engineers, dubbing directors, musicians and sound designers from all over Italy but also from other countries, because it is nice to share experiences and aim for excellence.

A declaration of love for audio that will never end.